We do.  We’d like to see more jobs in Altadena, thriving businesses in every store front, and a stronger, more cohesive community, with more ways for us to be involved in improving and enriching our community and our connections. 

    As an organization, NBBA got its start when Walmart decided to come to town.  While we believe Altadena needs more stores in our empty store fronts and jobs for more of us in the community, we are committed to businesses that have higher standards for workers, and that pay living wages with affordable health benefits for full time workers. [Click Here!]

    We also think strengthening our community means getting involved in local governance and community development.  In the past we have supported activities such as Town Council community forums and other activities that engage more people in our civic life.  Please get involved in our Altadena Walkability Project - helping support economic and community development for all Altadenans! [Click Here!]

    We’d love for you to join us - with your own ideas and energy - to help us in building a better Altadena.  We are a completely volunteer organization - and your involvement is critical to the success of NBBA’s projects.

    If you’d like to receive our Neighbors Updates, please send an e-mail to mail@buildingabetteraltadena.org.

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